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Hotel for children in Pesaro with entertainment

family activities

At the Imperial Sport Hotel in Pesaro children wait for the entertainment to begin, a bit like waiting for the bell to ring announcing the holidays: when the time comes, they know that a summer full of adventures is about to start! The fun starts with activities on the beach from 10 am to midday, then there are the workshops from 4 pm to 7 pm, ending with super evenings of Baby Dance and shows from 9 pm to 11 pm. There are plenty of entertainment options for parents too, from sports at the hotel to visits in the local area, with all the family or as a couple, while we take care of the children!

Hotel for children in Pesaro with entertainment Hotel for children in Pesaro with entertainment Hotel for children in Pesaro with entertainment

dishes and smiles At the table with the entertainers

From June to September children can eat with the entertainers: we’ve reserved a table of honour for them, set with placemats to colour, along with colourful glasses and cutlery! We cook balanced and personalised dishes, but you’ll always find homemade strozzapreti pasta, tomato sauce, white meat sauce, fresh boned fish, our homemade burgers and vegetables with genuine seasonings. For weaning, we make vegetable purées with small pasta, broths, blended meat and fish, fresh every day.

creative little hands! Activities and workshops

Ours is a Family Hotel and we believe that children’s entertainment must be an exciting experience every day! From June to September, children aged 4 years and over can participate in the activities and workshops that we organise in the morning on the beach and in the afternoon at the hotel, right after a snack: it’s much nicer having fun with a full tummy!

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sport and territory Activities for adults

So, while the children are having fun, what can mum and dad do? Well, we’ve also thought about the grown-ups, who can participate in water aerobics lessons or yoga, in the pool or on the beach, and they can use the bikes for free and cycle to the historic centre of Pesaro in just a few minutes. Otherwise, they can book a tour to discover the splendid Marche hinterland.