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Family Hotel Pesaro with Mini Club

operation play!

Children need adequate spaces that are always safe. This way, when the long-awaited playtime arrives, they have everything they need to enjoy the joyful, carefree time they deserve. Here at the Imperial Sport Hotel, everything is organised to fill the children’s holiday with fun!

Family Hotel Pesaro with Mini Club Family Hotel Pesaro with Mini Club Family Hotel Pesaro with Mini Club

to have fun, you need space! Play areas

You breathe the sea air at the Mini Club! This is no doubt thanks to the windows overlooking the beach before us… but the walls decorated with a sea theme and the adventures of the mascot MarTino also play their part! Inside, there are soft games for toddlers, interactive workstations and books. There is also a play area near the mini-pool, where the children can have fun in the open air.

it’s time for some diving Heated mini-pool

We have created a safe and colourful space for children, where they can have fun in complete safety: the heated mini-pool and the nearby well-equipped play area! Furthermore, the entertainers organise activities and workshops with which children can stimulate their creativity and their desire to make friends.