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Family Hotel in Pesaro with services for children

martino the mascot

Hey kids, have you ever seen a little seaside elephant? Yes, you heard right… we really said a little elephant! No, it isn’t an unusual type of fish… but the mascot of the Imperial Sport Hotel in Pesaro. His name is MarTino, he’s very funny and a big rascal, he loves children and, when you least expect it, he comes to the hotel to play and dance with them (and steal Lucia’s fresh pasta!). Now it’s his turn to speak… he can't wait to tell you his story.

Family Hotel in Pesaro with services for children Family Hotel in Pesaro with services for children Family Hotel in Pesaro with services for children

let’s ride our bikes! MarTino’s excursions

«There’s a little elephant cycling around Pesaro»! Hello kids! I’m MarTino… and these are the words full of amazement of those who’ve seen me on my bike for the first time! I’d arrived at the Imperial Sport Hotel a few days before and when I told Roberto that I love bike riding, he gave me one as a gift to ride along the seafront and in the centre of Pesaro, which is very close to the hotel!

let's dive into the sea! The little seaside elephant

Kids, do you like the sea? I’ve always adored the water! I must tell you about when I started swimming as a baby elephant and I discovered that, thanks to my magic trunk, I can hold my breath for as long as I want and explore the underwater worlds and a thousand exciting adventures! I also like the sea for having fun on the beach with the children staying at the hotel and with the entertainment staff… and having a snack of Rossini pizza!

here I come! Shall we play together?

Tuesday and Thursday are my days. As soon as I’m back from my adventures, I come to the Imperial Sport Hotel to play and dance with all the children staying there! Well, between you and me… my first stop is at Lucia’s kitchen, to steal a few cakes or a huge plate of homemade pasta!

the adventures of martino Read and colour

Did you know that they’ve written a little book about me and my adventures? I’ve decided to give one to all the children: ask your mum or dad to download your gift copy right away! Have fun reading and colouring my exciting days and remember to bring the book with you on holiday at the Imperial Sport Hotel, to show me the result.