Children's menu

Each meal is a special moment during the day, we want you all to feel at home. Did you recently become a mother? You do not have to worry. If you're using baby ready meals, bring them and you'll be able to use them as add-on to our fresh dishes: vegetable puree,
vegetable broth, small noodles, vegetable porridge with smoothed pureed fish or meat.
From June till September we have created a special menu for the children, with carefully selected products and simple recipes for
nutritional meals: noodles with tomato sauce, meat sauce, home made hamburgers, fresh fish filet and vegetables. Naturally, your children can't leave the table unless they've tasted our homemade ice cream!

In case of any food allergies or intolerances please inform us upon reservation, so we'll be able to customize our recipes for you.

In the restaurant your children will find their place at the table set out with children’s cutlery and cup, a booster seat (or high chair if
necessary) and bib…and a set of crayons to color their place mat with! In case you need to anticipate the meal time, just let us know.

From mid June till mid September your children mayhave a place at the "mini restaurant" table: eating spaghetti is morefun if you're with other children and our miniclub entertainers, so join the fun!