The next see worthy place is Fano, known as Fanum Fortunae after a temple of Fortuna that was located there. Its first mention in history only dates from 49 BC, when Julius Caesar held it established a colony, and built a wall, some parts of which remain
The antique via Flaminia, an ancient Roman road leading from Rome to Ariminum (220 BC) reached in Fano the Adriatic coast. To visit: the Corte Malatestiana, built after 1357 by Galeotto I Malatesta. Fano is reachable by bike, borrow one of our hotel bikes and follow the bike path that from the Imperial Sport Hotel and leads to Fano following the beach line. While you are there, do not miss the “moretta”, a anise liqueur-based coffee, originally drunk by seafarers during cold days.

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Crediti: Comune di Fano